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Tattoo Aftercare

Congratulations! You've just received a tattoo by a trained professional who used sterile equipment, and who has cleaned and disinfected the area tattooed. Now it is up to you to take care of your tattoo. How your tattoo heals is your responsibility.

Tattoo Aftercare

Leave the bandage on for at least 2 hours. Clean your tattoo as soon as the bandage is removed with very cold water, mild soap, and your hands (do not use a washcloth). If your tattoo feels warm to the touch, we recommend applying a cold compress over the tattoo for 5 minutes a few times a day for the first few days.

Cleaning Your Tattoo

Wash your tattoo at least once a day with soap and clean water. Do not scrub or soak! Remove all ointment and blood by gently washing with soap, water and your hands (do not use a washcloth). Allow the tattoo to dry before applying lotion/ointment or putting clothing over your tattoo. If more fluids come to the surface, clean it again until dry, tight and smooth - then apply a small amount of ointment or lotion.

Ointments and Lotions

Less is better! Do not put a layer on so thick that you block oxygen from getting to your new tattoo! If it is shiny or slippery you've put too much on, blot it with a paper towel. We recommend A&D ointment for the first 2 days followed by a water-based, fragrance free lotion such as Lubriderm, Jergens, or Curel. Do not use grease, Vaseline, aloe vera, moisturizers or vitamin products such as Tea Tree Oil or Lavender Oil.

Taking a Shower

Remember, your new tattoo is a fresh wound! Do not submerge underwater or expose to excessive steam. Take your shower as quickly as possible and pat dry. No chlorine! Follow these directions until your tattoo is healed (2 to 3 weeks). Your new tattoo is very delicate for the first 3 days. Do not wear tight or rubbing clothing. Make sure your bed sheets and towels are clean and avoid sleeping with your pets.

Leave all scabs on as long as naturally possible. Your tattoo will itch as it heals, do not scratch it. A quick slap or a bit of lotion will ease the itch, but scratching may take out the color. Your skin may look flaky or white. This is normal and it will go away. Absolutely no sun may be allowed on the tattoo for the first month. After that always wear sunscreen or cover your tattoo. Remember, sunscreen only protects up to 50% - the sun is the number one killer of tattoos.

If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to give us a call. This should not be construed as medical advice and you should consult a physician at the first sign of infection. Enjoy your new tattoo!

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